Save time and effort by easily building stunning pages in just minutes - completely with your voice with the worlds first artificially intelligent page builder

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Simply Speak. And Build.

Flexy Empowers Your Business With Bang On The Minute, Industrial Grade Artificial Intelligence! This beast can create a site from scratch or import in just 1 click. And THEN edit the entire thing using only your voice! Simply speak to Flexy and she will perform the actions - exactly how you want them.

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Everyone who clicks your link will see the content & your Embeds too... Every link is tracked so you can see all the views & clicks your content gets.


Create from scratch: Start With a Blank Page

Want total flexibility? Have a vision of exactly what it is you want from your page? Then this option is for you.
Start from scratch and create your perfect page with Flexy totally with your vision.

Create Blank Page

Clone Already Existing Pages

Simply add the URL of the page you want to clone…
And ta dah - in seconds your page is cloned with Flexy! Ready to edit with just your voice -
And add any of Flexy’s amazingly advanced features to your newly cloned site.

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Flexy Will Tell You Your Conversion Future

Just Imagine If You Could Tell What Your Conversions Were Going To Be… Without Having To Waste Real Traffic On It… With a Spectacular 91% + Accuracy!

Flexy is your conversion crystal ball. Flex allows you to see into the future without having to waste any of your real traffic - Our ConverMetric AI will send from 50 to 500 virtual visitors (you chose the amount!) to your page - Who will cleverly engage and scroll just like real users.

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Sharing & Scheduling

Our ConverMetric has been trained to record data and flow of the page and automatically compares it to pages that consistently convert highly.
It gives you an engagement score, a bounce rate, conversion rate, user retention rate and more…
With 91% - 95% accuracy!
And even suggests specifically how you can improve your conversions

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You are the "Ultimate commander" of your pages

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